Reasons to Homeschool

For the past year I have been happily homeschooling and loving it. It allows me to take my work on-the-go. Sometimes, I work ahead and surf the next morning. Almost every week, I go to a nature group, which offers extremely exciting field trips, with a few fantastic friends. Luckily, when I get terribly tired of doing work, I can take a break and do the rest of it later. When I am feeling truly motivated, I can get my work done early and have the rest of the day to myself. Since I can work ahead , I am advanced in math. Homeschooling has enabled me to do so many more things that my public school schedule didn’t allow while I was in public school. I love homeschooling. It is furiously fun. It is especially enjoyable. Undoubtedly homeschooling has clearly changed my life. These are only a few of the many reasons I immensely enjoy homeschooling.

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