My Pets

Hey everyone,

I wanted to blog about all my persistent pets (all of them are persistant). I have two cats, a dog and a snake. About three years ago, my family and I got three cute cats. Inky, Silver and Pearl. Pearl didn’t like Inky and Silver, so we gave her to our cousin. Inky and Silver were sisters, so we kept them. Silver lasted for another year, then she suspiciously escaped. Unfourtunantly she escaped. We never saw her again. Inky was the only one left, so for my sister’s birthday we got another cat, Malibu. It was Malibu’s birthday a few days ago. We got our dog, Boo about five years ago. My sister and I desperately wanted a dog. Then one day, our dad came back with one, Boo. She is named Boo, because her birthday is only a few days away from Halloween. I rightfully recived my snake, Ska on my birthday, which was reptile themed. Luckily Ska has only bashfully bitten someone once. He viciously bit someone at my party, but has bitten no one since. Ska is a milk snake. Once Ska got out of his cage for six months. I think he anxiously ate the crickets in our garage. He also excitedly escaped yesterday, but we found him after a day. We also had a beautiful bunny named Coco. Sadly he died a few weeks ago. What kind of awesome animals do you have and what is their story?

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4 thoughts on “My Pets

    1. You’ve met Cookie, so…
      Charlie was found on the streets and my grandparents took him in. They gave him to us a month later. He’s actually very obedient and trained, except when he tries to run away.

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