Prodigy Game Rewiew

Hi everyone!

Today I am going to review a game called Prodigy. It is a math game, but it is really fun. Prodigy is kind of like Pokemon or Zelda. The main story line is that the puppet master is taking away the key stones. You have to clear the different worlds to get them back. There is also a “dark tower” that you can climb. It is extremely hard, but the prizes at the end are worthwhile. You can only climb the tower when you are a member, but it is especially fun. I play Prodigy with my friend and fellow blogger Tyson. A membership in Prodigy is a little expensive, but definitely worth it. You can also play for free, but you don’t get as good stuff. You can also purchase epics. Epics are little figures you can scan into the game for rewards. Prodigy covers grades 1-8. Overall, Prodigy is an incredible game. Here is the website address:

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