Some Updates

Hi everyone,

As you might as noticed, my site has been going though some, well, renovations. I have changed almost everything on my site. There will be more to come, so get ready! If you are wondering about the name, my family and I were talking about good blog names. We were thinking about the blog When Words Fly. We were thinking she probably took “when pigs fly”, and adapted it. So I pretty much did the same thing! How did you come up with your blog name? Comment below!

BTW, Yes. I did draw the featured image.

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14 thoughts on “Some Updates

  1. Hi Blake! Just to note, the featured image looks really good! How did you draw that font so well?
    I don’t actually remember how I came up with my name… but, I do remember coming up with my first blog name, Syd’s Adventures! *cringe* XD. Anyway, my mom and I were just talking and I think I just thought of adventures and added my name to it. Lol.
    I really love your new blog name, Blake! It suits your blog. 😉

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      1. I got a stalk photo, used canva to crop out the words, then looked up a font generator, typed in what I wanted, downloaded it, put it into by pic.
        BTW the font is called Doctor Soos! XD

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