37 thoughts on “Nocturne No 1 Op 55 + Recent Photos

      1. XD I can’t believe I haven’t seen this until now. sorry.
        I actually wanted to post a video, so I took a short one of me on my phone, I tried to download it off my computer, but it didn’t work. so, I downloaded off my phone, and it worked! my mom said I couldn’t post the video anyways, so I deleted it. but, yeah. that’s how I found out how to do it by “accident” XD

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      1. Cool! I try to practice about 20 mins a day but it’s kinda hard because I’m just learning of Youtube and sometimes they don’t have the songs I want. :/ I also can’t read notes very well haha XD

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      2. I do now, but before I used to have piano lessons from my sister and other piano teachers. But I’ve only learned a few songs of YouTube. 😦 The rest I learned ages ago from pieces that were easier for me to read the notes.
        Really?? So how did you learn that song?

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