Hi everyone,

I just hit 1,000 views! I know I just did a post like this one, but I have to do it again! In addition to 1,000 views, I have 26 followers! I’ve also gotten 2 awards. If you want to see them you can click here, or here.

BTW, I need ideas for what to blog about next. I will use the best idea that I see. The person who gives me the best idea will get a shout out on the post.

If you want to give me an idea, you can either comment, or contact me.


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4 thoughts on “1,000 Views

  1. congrats, Blake! ooh, a post idea? I think you should do a collab with Ty or someone in particular. XD other than that, why don’t you post about your golfing day today? (yeah, my mom told me about that. XD)

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