Corona Del Mar+Junior Guards Tryouts

Hi everyone,

I’m sorry I forgot to post on Thursday. This post will be about two things as sort of a make-up.

We went to Corona Del Mar with our nature group and stayed for about two hours.

Here are some of the pics I got:


I am also trying out for Junior Guards!

The requirements are:

  1. Swim 100 yards in 2:15.
  2. Swim underwater for 10 feet.
  3. Tread water for five minutes.

The first time I tried I swam 100 yards in 2:17 which is two seconds off! After the 100 yards I moved on to the underwater portion. I swam underwater for about 15 feet and made it! I also passed the treading segment.

After I caught my breath I tried the 100 yards again. I made it right on the dot! I can’t wait for Junior Guards!

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