Nintendo Labo


Hi everyone,

I just got a Nintendo Labo and I thought I’d blog about it! The Labo costs $69.99 but you have to buy a Nintendo Switch first. The Labo comes with the game, the cardboard and five main projects. It also has a mode where you can program other things.

The RC Car


The RC Car is the easiest of the projects. It takes about 10 minutes to make. The console is the remote. When you use the control it makes the joy-cons vibrate. The vibrations travel through the legs and makes it move.

 The House

IMG_4914 (1)

The House is a game where you play with your animal. (It’s kind of looks like a cat). The house also has three openings where you can put a nob, a crank and a button. When you put different combinations, you can play different games. If you win the game you can get a candy that puts a different pattern on your “cat”.

The Motorbike

IMG_4911 (2)

The Motorbike is a racing game. You can choose from three tournaments and three speeds. You can also build your own track and play it. There is also a stadium mode. It is a competition where you try to pop the most balloons. You can change the stadium by scanning in objects.

The Fishing Rod


The Fishing Rod is the hardest project to make. Once you make the rod you can fish! Fishing doesn’t sound fun, but it’s actually tons of fun. The bottom of the ocean is really dark, so you can’t see the fish, only the outline. You can also scan your own fish into the game! This sounds kind of weird, but you use the piano to scan the fish. You can use the keys to change the colors.

The Piano

IMG_4912 (1)

The Piano takes the most time to complete. It only has one octave, but you can change it by pulling the lever on the side, and change how the piano sounds by putting different knobs in the slot. You can also record your own songs.

Garage Mode

IMG_4921 (2)

Garage mode is where you program your own creations! The game gives you things that are already made. You only have 10 empty projects to make, but you can delete them if you want to.




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