Atlantis Day 2

Hi everyone,

Today is our first full day in Atlantis. You might remember that we are staying in the Coral Towers.

Here is a view from our room:


If all my photos look slanted like the wall in the this picture. It’s because I forgot a card for my camera and had to use my Go-Pro.
After we settled in, we went straight to the water park, Aquaventure. The park has a ton of water slides. There are two buildings that launch the water slides. One of them is the Power Tower, and the other is the Mayan temple. The temple holds the Leap of Faith, the Challenger and the Serpent. The Power Tower holds the Drop, the Falls, the Surge and the Abyss.

First, we went to the Power Tower to do the Abyss. The Abyss is a body slide that has a 70 foot drop. When my sister went on the ride, she screamed insanely loud, so I chickened out. Then I met up with everyone, we all went on the Surge. The Surge is a raft slide that connects into the rapids. Afterwards, we went on the Leap of Faith, which is a body slide that has a 60 foot drop. The slide goes under the shark tank, but you go so fast that you can’t see them.

When we got back to the room, my mom told us that we were upgraded to the Reef. After we unpacked (again), we went to sleep.

Also, I’m sorry that this post came out so late. We were busy this week.


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