Tello Drone Review

Hi everyone,

It’s been a while since I’ve blogged last. You might remember that my last post was about Atlantis. I’m not going to finish the rest of those posts. However, if you’d like to hear more about my vacation you can click here.

A few weeks ago I bought a DJI / RYZE Tello drone for $99. Along with the drone, I purchased the GameSir T1d controller. The Tello drone comes with 8 propellers, 4 propeller guards, one battery and the propeller removal tool. If you want extra accessories, you can buy them here. If you get the GameSir T1d controller, make sure you have an iphone 7 or up.

Some features on the drone include 8D flips, bounce mode and throw and go. You can also program the drone with Scratch. The drone also has a camera so you can take photos and videos. The Tello also has a 13 minute flight time.

Here are some photos I’ve taken with the Tello:



Do you have a drone? What is your favorite pic? Comment below!


– Blake

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